Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30th

I did a bit of work in the garden this week-end. I cleaned the front garden of nasty dandelions and I've finally managed to plant some of the flowers I had bought over a month ago.
I was really afraid they died, but today I had the surprise of finding new growth on the Sarah Bernhardt peony. I suppose I won't get any blooms from her this year, but I'm really happy she's not dead.

I've also found some time to prepare the sweet-pea seeds - I put them in some water over-night as I plan to plant them today. Half of each type will go directly in the ground, while I'll germinate the other half indoors.

I plan to go now to a plant shop and get some stuff - some folliage plants and some veggies.
I know I've got ambitious plans for a small strip of land :-)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

First steps

Satuday, April 7th, we dug the flower/plant bed and on Sunday we have planted the first 6 roses.
There are 5 from David Austin that I received as bare roots and 1 from Meilland which I bought at Jardireve, a gardening event in Luxembourg.
The DA ones are: Lady Emma Hamilton, Claire Austin, Gentle Hermione, Brother Cadfael and Munstead Wood. This is pretty much the order in which I planted them starting from the house towards the end of the garden, on the sunnier side.
The Meilland rose is a pink one called Leonardo da Vinci.
I've also planted a black currant bush that is full of blooms.
I must take a picture before making the next step and must start posting them here.