Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Late Tulips

My favourite tulips are finally in bloom. And what a sight and what a delight!
This is Carnaval de Nice, a fragrant peony-like tulip. They're always the last tulips to bloom in my garden

This one is in the front garden and it looks gigantic if put side by side with the other tulips I have.

On a different note - Blogger keeps bugging me with this problem of pictures uploaded in a landscape mode instead of portrait.

 The last Angelique tulips have turned bright pink. I like them in this shade as well.
 This is a tulip I planted in the veggie bed, but I forgot its name.
I had the same problem with the photo when uploading it.

This is the same tulip as above, but it grew in this weird shape.
I kind of like it though

As you can see, I like my tulips in pinks, mauves and whites, so you may wonder about the tulip below. Well, it did look white on the label, but I guess it's not the ugliest thing in the world, right?
I noticed a lot of bulbs failed to show up this season, so I must do a serious restocking in autumn.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First "Harvest" of the Year

The first lettuce from the garden

and a very fragrant and colourful bouquet

And now we're bracing for the ZERO degrees announced for tonight :(

Friday, April 11, 2014

Blooms in the Sunshine

At noon, the flowers look so different - they're fully open and enjoying the sunshine.
Just like we do after a long winter.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hello, Spring!

As I was saying in my earlier entry, when I returned from a week away, I found the garden in an explosion of colour.
The leaves and the blooms and the fragrances - this is really a most joyous time for a gardener, be it such an amateur as I am :)
I took a garden tour with my camera, a quick one, as I had no time to linger.
Here are some of the treasures I found:

I love anemones - such perfect blooms!

 The Fritilarias are difficult plants to establish for a gardener without much experience, but this year's success rate seems to be a rather decent one
 This is a scene that I really like. It's Lady Emma Hamilton rose with its copper foliage and orange hyacinth, plus the narcissus with the orange centre
 That's another side of this scene, but the upload on blogger seems to dislike most pictures in portrait format.
What should I do?
 My white Dicentra is so fresh and pure looking
 This one I forgot the name, but it looks like a giant Galanthus
 Pretty narcissus Thalia

 Pink muscari:
 The Hellebores are still in bloom
 I love Angelique tulips, they are in my top 2 favourite tulips together with Canaval de Nice, which are not in bloom yet

 I chose this Erodium plant as companion for a potted rose that I purchased this March. I do hope they're going to look good together

 My fruit plants look extremly promising this year.
Here is my biggest blueberry bush with hundreds of blooms:
and here are the blooms on my Mara des bois strawberries

Monday, April 7, 2014

Bouquet of the Day

I've been away for a week and, upon my return last night, I found a garden full of greens and blooms.

I had no time for proper photos, not even for a walk, but I picked these beauties from the front garden to have on my desk, so there is freshness and colour and wonderful fragrance in my office.