Monday, June 15, 2015

Roses of Early June

It's the time I'm waiting for all winter - the time when all the roses open their blooms and fill my garden and house with their pretiness.
These photos were taken in the beginning of June, but now they are still blooming profusely with new ones coming along.
So one day of early June I cut one stem from about each rose bush that was blooming at the time. Some were not, so these are just a part of my now 28 rose bushes.
I brought them all inside and I just had to have a photo shoot in my small and amateurish soft box :)
Here is the line-up:
Yellow - Graham Thomas and The Pilgrim
Lower pink - English Garden and Princess Alexandra of Kent
Middle pinks- Evelyn and Brother Cadfael
Top pinks - Garten Traume and Gentle Hermione
Dark red - Munstead Wood and Astrid Gräfin von Hardenberg
In this photo there is also the purple rose which might be Novalis by Kordes, but as I've stollen it (psst, don't tell anyone!), I'm not sure of its name.
There's also, at the very right end, another dark coloured rose, which I assume it's the Dark Lady by David Austin, this being the last mistery in my garden :)

A close-up of the roses now.
Astrid & Munstead

Princess Alexandra

Gentle Hermione

Garten Traume

Brother Cadfael - I loooooove this rose!

Evelyn - I love this one, too.
It looks a bit like a painting to me

English Garden

The Pilgrim

Graham Thomas
I enjoy June so much, now that I have a rose garden.
I only wish my garden were bigger so I could add more roses.


  1. Un articol...parfumat :) Minunat! Prima fotografie zici că-i tablou :)

    1. Mă bucur că îți place.
      În prima poză arată un pic ca o familie, nu-i așa? :)

  2. Unul si unul ! Fiecare e frumos in felul lui. Incerc sa aleg un favorit si nu reusesc :) Sa te bucuri de ei cat mai mult ! Sunt splendizi !

    1. Mulțumesc, Dani. Chiar mă bucur de ei, sunt absolut minunați.
      Cred că dintre cei de aici preferatul meu este Evelyn, chiar dacă tufa nu arată fabulos, floarea este ceva deosebit, iar parfumul ei este de vis.
      Sigur, Brother Cadfael îi face concurență într-un mare fel - parfumul și floarea minunate și o tufă mult mai arătoasă.

  3. Thanks for your recent visit and comment on my blog Ioana :) I'm glad that I've found you. What a fabulous collection of roses. Which has the best scent?