Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rose Blooms and Fragrances

I haven't touched my camera in over a month, but I've taken regular pictures using my phone.
I know, not the same quality, but I thoought I'd better post some images of these September beauties.

Gentle Hermione in all her glory.
It's a rose I adore, despite its myrrh fragrance

Now, in another league as far as fragrance goes - Evelyn Rose.
A simply amazing perfume!

A very different type of perfume comes from The Pilgrim.
I can sense aniseed in there, but in a delightful way :)

Now, not only David Austin roses have great frangrance.
This German lady also has an amazing fragrance, alas is does not repeat so well for me and it suffers from summer sun burns.
Astrid Gräfin von Hardenberg
Let's get back to the David Austins with yet another AMAZING fragrance on an almost perfect (if it were not for the thorns) rose.
Lady of Megginch - it smells like old roses and raspberries!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Flower Fields

The administration of the village I live in has had this wonderful idea for the last couple of summers of planting a grass area in the main park with a mix of fuss free flowers.
They also created passages through it and kids are simply excited to use it as some sort of labyrinth.
This evening, as my kids played there after the apple festival, I had the time to take the photos bellow.