Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's Blooming in my Garden

Not a lot is blooming right now, as we had the coldest, wettest, most depressing spring.

I have a couple of raised beds for vegetables, which were not particularly happy with all this rain and cold. Not the zucchini! I loves it all and has started to produce ... just flowers for the times being, but it's getting there

Yes, I still have daffodils, these seems to last for a very long time - about a month in full bloom and they smell nice, too.

Talking about smell, this one has such a strong fragrance that, at dawn, I can feel it from the balcony on the first floor

The white muscari seems to be the last one to bloom in my garden (I also have pink and blue)

These a teeny-tiny tulips, which have 2-3 flowers per stem. They're quite cute

A ranunculus I planted last sprin that came back, but my phone did not manage to capture its colour very well.

These are my very late tulips, but i forgot their name and I don't like them all that much either.
Should probably move them from this mainly pink border


My young lilac tree has only given me one flower spray this spring, not particularly generous

These are my new favourite tulips! I love, love, love them!
They're called Double Carnaval de Nice and their shape, colours and perfume are simply perfect.
Must buy more of the same in autum.

After almost a month struggling to open its buds, my first clematis flowers are here and they are huge, and they are pretty and climbing the arch like crazy.
I do hope next year they'll be a sight to behold.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good Combos

Sometimes, there are combinations of plants that are just not the most fortunate and, as a beginner, I tend to do that quite often.
However, there are times when I somehow manage to do it right, so I think it would be good to start a series about such successful combinations.
Here are two of them that I've been enjoying these days.

These very fragrant hyacinths go amazingly well in this jug (?) I found at the "leave&take what you want shop" at the nearby recycling center.
I just picked it up together with other 2 very cute vases, all for free.

 And a pretty embossed detail on the rim
 This one was an unintentional combination that works well. I had no idea my rosemary was going to bloom and that it would make such a good combo cu these violas.
A plus - they are both fragrant!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Evening Ride through Instagram

Just a few minutes' bike ride from home and we're at the old mill.
All is peaceful there and it is a fresh green right now.
Yesterday evening we took our son for a ride on this beautiful bike trail that starts at 200m from our home and goes all the way to the center of Luxembourg.
The great thing is that we don't need to go that far to enjoy it. From the very beginning, it's all green, quiet, with only the birds' song and the river to accompany you along the road.
I must say it's my favourite track in Luxembourg. 
I instantly fell in love with it about 4 years ago when I did it from one end to the other and discovered this perfect oasis of nature in the middle of the town.
Today, I am only posting a few pictures from our stop at the old mill, but I'm sure you'll understand my excitement about it, even if they're only photos I took with my phone.

 ...and my bike taking a rest before heading back home

Friday, May 3, 2013

Aimez-vous les pensées?

I haven't changed my winter baskets  yet and these generous beauties make it tough for me to do it. I have some more summery additions that are waiting to be planted, but just look how pretty they are right now!
I planted these in November and the very hardy pansies have made it brilliantly through the winter and after the first sunny days, they are rewarding my (not so tough) work.
The grey ceramic pot
 Balcony colour

 So very wintery
 Pansies' little cousin - a viola among the blooming rosemary

 And of course I had to have some indoors, plus, I have just the perfect little vase
 What I like so much more than pansies is this beauty:
On the 1st of May, the French offer lilly of the valley as a token of good luck.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April in Instagram

I have not managed to write a single post last month - it's been busy at work and busy at home, but it's also been a month of events and celebrations: my birthday, the birth of a friend's child .... the final arrival of spring.
Here is a review of the month through Instagram