Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September in My Garden Through Instagram

Summer is gone and in Luxembourg we've gotten straight into winter.
I happened to be in the garden with my kids and my phone, so on a rainy day I saw the beauty in the summer end and took some photos.
Geranium Rozanne doesn't seem to know it's cold and raining. I love this plant that dies back in winter only to come back stronger the next spring.
It's alchemille in French ... can't quite remember its English name, but isn't it pretty with all those rain-drops?
I bought this plant to use for my bouquets next summer.
Something that makes my kids go whooo! ahhh! in the garden :)
Other things, some not featured here, would be strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and ... cherry tomatoes :)
This year I decided I was gonna give my pretty roses the chance to put out some fruit. So I'm not gonna force them to give my more autum blooms, but I'm gonna patiently wait for these cute things:
(this is Graham Thomas)
All I can say here is: mums!!!

This is a picture my son insisted I should take, so I must post it in case he decides to read my blog when he learns to :)
If you can't quite tell, it's an ant's nest (yuck!) - he loves all bugs and thinks they're pretty
Lady Emma Hamilton must have been my favourite rose this summer - it's quite the perfect mix: gorgeous blooms, great folliage, almost care-free, very floriferous and - and - and that amazing fragrance that no other rose has matched.
Now it looks so romantic to me in its autumn colours
Artemis by Tantau was a good surprise. Although I was disappointed to see it's smaller than I had imagined and it's almost fragrance free (a very important aspect for me), it has these pretty blooms and it gives and gives.
This is a very pretty combo that I might have to let go for next summer, as the echinacea grows too big
This was a sunflower head - yeah, I bet you could tell. What you might no know is that the plant was a present from the birds who dropped the seed and, in return for pretty blooms, I let them have the seeds back and we've enjoyed watching them feed with great success as you can see:

...and since we're at the edibles, here are the colours of the blueberry bush and one last berry waiting to ripen

and tomato Marmelade, not quite there yet, but might make it into a jar of pickles
Welcome autum!
Please turn into an indian summer!