Friday, May 22, 2015


It's soon the end of May and I am leaving tomorrow for a week away from my garden.
The garden is mostly green right now and there are not too many blooms, but many-many buds.
These beauties are putting their delicate flowers in the middle of the lush green.

This is pink Nora Barlow.
It's so easy to keep in the garden as it will self seed and I needed to take some out and give them to other gardeners, there were so many of them!
Among those self-seeded babies, I had this new hybrid surprise :)
Isn't this any keen gardener's dream?
Notice the difference between the aquilegia above and the one below?
Yes, this newer one has little trumpets, while the mother-plant does not.
Also, notice the last-standing Angelique tulips in the background.

And this is black Nora Barlow (yes, I like this Barlow kind a lot!).

And here is its surprise baby - another hybrid, this time an aquilegia with a single row of petals.
I must confess I like the mother-plant better in this case.

And this is whom I suspect they crossed with - a single row of petals with trumpets:

Not only aquilegias are in bloom right now, but also these big alium heads.
They smell so nice, too!

Monday, May 4, 2015


Tulip season is almost over, but I still have some beauties in my garden.
In fact, I am lucky enough to have a flower patch mostly in shade so everything there has a later blooming season. Among the flowers planted in there, there are the Angelique tulips.
Angelique, being among my favourite tulip, is planted in several spots around the garden and in front of the house so I have a very long period when I can enjoy its blooms.
It's such a beauty - from bud, to a fully open flower and in a bouquet.
Let's not forget its amazing fragrance!