Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Purple Tuesday

I felt like posting some pretty things today, although I'm away from my garden.
At a quick glance through my phone photo library I realised I wanted to post this photo of the smallest anemones in my garden.
They look quite similar to the wild white ones growing in the forests of Luxembourg, but they're purple. Much prettier! :)

And since I started with purple tones, I had to add these beautiful giant crocuses.
I have them in a pot and also in many places in the garden.

Here, they make a decent combination with the blue iris.

And here they're paid a visit by a busy bee.
Look at all that polen!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Garden Tour in mid-March

It's been a while since I last wrote on the blog and these are not the newest photos I took, but .... I gotta start somewhere, right?

Last week I took some photos as a lot seems to be going on in the garden.
I love this time of the year when I go out and discover something new every day.

Well, the hellebores are not really new as I believe I also posted them at least a month ago, but in the meanwhile new ones started blooming so I'm adding those to the list as well.

This is the old one, as in the first one that blooms every year. It must start somewhere in January and it goes on for about 3 months or more.

That's what I call a good flowering plant!

The following two are very similar, but not quite the same.
The second one, which must be my favourite, is lighter and it has those pretty freckles in the centre.

There are also a lot of crocus blooms everywhere, but I'm only gonna post these ones here.
They make a pretty pair with the blue iris, although not chromatically so :)

This is a rather ugly photo because of the irrigation hose, but I admit I was too lazy to put it away for winter.
That scilla and the primula have been in my garden from the very beginning, 3 years ago, and they always come back, side by side, being among the first to bring colour in my garden.

These are the funky anemones that come out from the ground already in bloom.
They're not spectacular and not in any of my favourite colours, but they do bring colour and warmth in an early spring dull-looking garden.

And this is a new addition after having visited the gardening centre with my son.
He's so thrilled that "we take care of all the animals" !