Friday, November 28, 2014

This Moment

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for {this moment}...a single photo from the week I want to savor and remember.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Bouquets of Late Autumn

As expected, the first frost hasn't arrived yet and I keep gathering a few roses now and then.
Probably, if I had more time to take care of my flowers, there would have been more, but winter arrives with such lack of energy for me plus the loads of germs that my girl brings from the creche and always shares with me :)
Still, I've managed to plant all the bulbs and clean a decent part of the garden.
Now I just need to cover all those rose cuttings I took and we're (almost) good for winter.
Here are some photos of small bouquets I brought indoors during this month of November.

Of course, colours needn't only come from blooms...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Looking for Summer

The last week of October was a week away.
Away from the grey days and the cloudy skies and the very cold mornings.
We didn't have to travel far - only 1:40h flight and we landed in Mallorca where it was still summer.
The kids were excited and their mood contagious.
I believe this is the first travel entry I write on this blog, but I just enjoy these images, especially now that I'm back in cold-grey Luxembourg.
This was the beach near our hotel in Playa de Palma.
There were some spectacular sunsets, as you can see.

One day, we rented a car and went beach searching.
These are two of them:

On another day we took the vintage train to Soller.
Soller is a town you can see a part of in the photo below.
It's set at the foot of the mountain
 and it ends in a perfect little port with clear water and fine sand.
On another day we visited the city of Palma.
Just like the first time I visited it, 5 years ago, it reminded me of Barcelona. A miniature version of Barcelona.
This is its cathedral
And this is a photo of the Palma marina
Although there were plenty of flowers in full bloom, I only managed to take these two flower photos below :)

And every day, we played and bathed by the sea and my little girl and I admired our pink toe nails in the sand.