Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Roses in Parc de Merl - Luxembourg

I've never managed to see this little rose garden in all its spelndor until last week.
I took no panoramic pictures, since I found the individual bushes and blooms much better looking than garden views.
Here are the beauties which I've hardly manage to remotely identify

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Geranium Rozanne

I must start this post by admitting that roses are by far my favourite plants and my favourite flowers.
That being said, I kind of love a lot of other blooming plants.
Geranium Rozanne is among my very favourites and what's not to like - extremely fuss free (no deadheading, no pruning during the season) and extremely floriferous.
And it's blue!
This bush in my garden compliments the pink roses so well and it adds this splash of blue that is always full of colour from early summer and until the first frosts, which may even mean november in some years.
Oh, did I forget to mention it's also picture perfect?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Lazy Girl's Photos

What does a lazy girl do?
She doesn't carry her heavy camera with heavy lense, that's for sure!
Not even downstairs, in her own garden.
However, she likes taking photos and always keeps her mobile phone in her pocket (the horror!).
So she instagrams it all....
The very fragrant Brother Cadfael
The delicate Hermione

Her favourite Tantau - Garten Traume
A comparison between two crimson Austins: Lady of Megginch & William Shakespeare
Two blooms of Graham Thomas at different stages of their life, plus one changing into fruit
Her favourite Meilland rose - of course, Pierre de Ronsard, which is actually fragrant after a very chilly month of August
Beautiful Japanese anemone
Her favourite sweat peas whose name she forgot

And a spider she hates .... just because she hates spiders... generally
And here she is, saying good bye and hoping for an Indian Summer.
Ever so optimistic