Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Roses

This is a gift from my garden.
An unexpected one - fresh fragrant roses in November.

I took the photos in the evening dim light, so the focus might have tricked me here and there :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Colour Left-overs

It's the end of October and my garden has been neglected this fall. The weather has had ups and downs and the gardener was busy and tired and (at times) sick.

This morning there was light and there was mist and I went outside with my camera.
I found bits of colour and spider webs.

Let's start with the roses

Here is a group of buds from perhaps my best Tantau rose - Garten Traume.
The spiders used it as structure for their web.
Rather romantic, wouldn't you say?
 Another Tantau, not so successful in my garden, Gospel.
It's got red and fragrant blooms, but flowered really seldom in my garden and, as you can see, now its leaves are sick.
 Moving on to a David Austin rose, a great great fragrance and pretty foliage - it's Brother Cadfael who is putting out a few more buds just before winter
 This, as a nice gentleman suggested a couple of posts ago, might be Mrs. Isaac Pereire, an old rose.
It is a perfect rose and I feel so grateful to have found it in my garden.
 This one is maybe my favourite rose right now - Lady Emma Hamilton, by David Austin.
It's got it all: strong delicious fragrance, a prolific bloomer, perfect foliage, pretty flowers and no disease in my wet garden.
This is my favourite dahlia. The colour is more chocolatey than I could capture it and it has a slight chocolate fragrance, too.
An echinaceea purpurea with a nice seed head
Clematis Jackmanii finally decided to give me its first blooms in over a year since its planting - now, at the end of autumn!
Can't say I mind though...
Probably my favourite flower besides roses: geranium Rozanne. Such pretty flowers and such a long blooming time. Practically from spring to the first frost, when it dies back only to return stronger next spring.
I've still got some love (in the mist)
Pretty pink sweet peas that I've grown from seed 
And a new favourite: Japanese anemone. So very pretty and delicate
Even the back side of the anemone is very very good looking ... or is it just me? :)
Two of my primulas started blooming and I guess they'll keep on doing it through the winter.
Amazing little plants!
One of my blueberry bushes went nuts - it believes it's spring time. Look at that little flower!
Strawberry Mara des bois is still fruiting. I have some problems with the bugs who eat them, but I've got a natural insecticide that I plan to use this autumn and next spring. 
And my raspberries acted in a strange manner by setting their main crop in september-october. There are still a few pieces of fruit on.
My neighbour's Japanese maple tree has amazing autumn colours
And my tree is also nice. I don't know its name.
As you could see before, the spiders have done their way around my garden.
Here's an agapanthus seed head...
...and a nest in my Susan Williams-Ellis rose bush
 The colours of autumn are pretty amazing, but I already miss my summer garden.
This is a post that I began on the 31st of October, but finished a few days later.