Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January Colours

This wet January brings some colour in my garden and a few new blooms - the snow bells.

The hellebores started blooming in early december, well, at least one of them did.
Now that one is in full blom with two more budding up.

The new ones
The anemones are struggling with the cold weather, all messed up by the very cold intervals.
They'd really like to bloom, but it's still so early.

And here are the pretty snow-bells, the early ones. I have a different kind that are far behind these guys

This geranium is in a rather sheltered position and it did not die back in winter.
To the contrary, it produces some tiny blooms now and then.

The viola cornuta does what it does best - defying the cold and blooming away

The heather is really pretty in a close-up photo

There are also some primulas that show the first signs of blooms, but I'm keeping those for later on.