Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bouquets of June

One thing I love about having a garden is being able to have fresh fragrant bouquets from spring to late autumn.
As June is a month of bounty in this respect, I thought I'd post some of the bouquets I made and managed to take a picture of :)

Here is a recent one in a colour combination I'm rather fond of despite the fact that I'm generally not very drawn to getting yellow flowers for my garden.
It's Graham Thomas and the Pilgrim plus the mock-orange and a couple of lavender stems.
I found out that by crushing the wood stem of the mock-orange you can make its vase life considerably longer.

I've got these large cornflower blooms this year that last 7 days or more in the vase.
And they're just starting to show up.
And I've got a whole patch of them :)

I love this combination of sweet peas, scabious and corn flower.

June also means my girl's birthday and she had her first real party this year, so I picked flowers from the garden and made 4 arrangements.
This is one of them, the others I forgot to photograph.

And a natural self-made bouquet as this little rose always comes in perfect bunches


  1. Minunat! Îmi plac foarte mult albăstrelele din imagine. Reușite aranjamente, felicitări!

    1. Multumesc frumos.
      Cel cu albastrele este in continuare aratos si decoreaza masa copiilor :)

  2. Chiar imi lipseau buchetele tale ! Tare frumoase sunt ! Albastrelele iti iau ochii iar buchetul roz de la petrecerea celei mici e ca un manunchi de acadele :) Bravo !

    1. Am uitat :) La multi ani fetitei tale ! Sanatate, noroc si multa fericire !